Whether you’re looking to sell your prized possession or just another daily driver, DG Auto Club will help connect you with a buyer at the highest price point – and quickly.


Marketplace without borders.


Don’t limit the sale of your special vehicle to the local market. We’ll advertise your car internationally to maximize its visibility and reach.

We take advantage of currency fluctuations to identify and target the most financially lucrative markets at any given moment. The best part? We handle all the complicated stuff so that you don’t have to.


It’s what we do.


As a licensed car dealership, DG Auto Club offer options to prospective customers that an individual seller simply cannot:

  • We accept trade-ins
  • We provide financing options
  • We offer tax savings for both buyers and sellers

Your vehicle will be in good hands while in our possession. It will be stored in our secured, heated and insured warehouse.


Modern approach for a digital world.


DG Auto Club was founded with the goal of moving outdated automotive sales norms into the future. Offering high definition photography, in-depth video demonstrations and authentic use of social media channels, we understand the ways in which shoppers make their buying decisions.

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