About Us

DG Auto Club is a luxury, exotic and classic car retailer with a focus on low production, performance-oriented and historically significant models.

We offer a wide range of modern sports cars, collectable classics, luxurious daily drivers and exotic vehicles with limited depreciation, stable re-sale values and/or appreciation potential.

Given our international sales experience, we’re intimately aware of how important trust, transparency and full disclosure are in the sale or purchase of a vehicle.

Felix Decarie


Using a sales philosophy founded on transparency, professionalism and unrivaled customer service, Felix has spent the better part of a decade building lasting relationships with car buyers, sellers and industry experts from around the world.

Starting out in the automotive industry as a certified mechanic, Felix quickly discovered his knack for sales and a love of helping enthusiasts acquire the perfect automobile. He’s a problem solver who will offer expert guidance on your purchase and won’t quit until you’re completely satisfied.

(514) 803-8283

Erik Bashatly

Marketing & Sales

Obsessed with anything you can drive since before he could, Erik’s journey into the automotive world did not occur by chance. Through a depth of car knowledge and an extensive technology background, he’s brought his modern approach to an aging industry in desperate need of progress.

Erik is dedicated to building a brand that represents automotive excellence for enthusiasts and demanding buyers alike. An excellent reference if you’re looking for guidance or recommendations.

(514) 975-0003